Friday, June 29, 2012

Can I get that in a smaller size please?

I  went shopping today ladies. Almost everything that I bought I needed a smaller size than I originally grabbed off the rack. I got a dress in size small, a blazer in size small, a baggy cardigan thingy that I don't know what to call in a size small, jeans in a 28- I'm not sure what that translates to, and a pair of dress pants in a 7/8- I could have gone smaller but they were the last pair under size 12 left. I hate how there's two different ways of sizing pants. Why can't they just have one and stick with it. Shaye went on a trip for two weeks. My deal with myself is that for every new thing that I buy I need to get rid of one old thing. That way I make sure that I'm slowly getting rid of all of my fat clothes and am slowly filling up my closet with smaller clothes. Hopefully by the time she gets back I will have lost some more weight and I can pawn off some of my fat clothes on her. I'll just say that the stlye doesn't appeal to me anymore and she won't even know. I think that will be the best thinspiration. Having her walk around beside me in my old fat clothes while I walk around in my new smaller clothes. God I'm a bitch. I'm going to hell for this.


  1. No you are not a bitch :) YAY YOU FOR FITTING INTO SMALLER CLOTHES! it must be such a great feeling <3 x

  2. In that case, we'll go together.
    Shaye is a bitch. She deserves it.
    Congrats on the loss honey <3

  3. Actually it sounds like you're not being a bitch at all, since you're giving her free clothes... Just sayin'

  4. Hey Emma, I've just started reading your blog.
    You can't beat the feeling of when you try something on and it's too big. Almost as good as when someone asks 'Have you lost weight?'
    These feelings are my drug.

    Much love x