Friday, June 01, 2012


I weighed in this morning at 153. Shaye stayed over for a really long time after getting into a fight with her parents so I haven't been able to get away to post anything. Am I the only one who is pissed off to no end when people lie to you about their weight? I tried to talk to her about my issues with my weight. She brushed off all of my comments and started talking about how her anti depressants have made her lose 10 pounds in the past week apparently. That was a complete lie. She's been at my house for longer than a week and she doesn't look any different at all. Plus she doesn't know where we keep the scale so she's had no way of weighing herself. At one point she was going to run out of pants so I offered her a pair of mine. She looked so offended and said that there was no way at all that she would fit into my size 7 pants when she was a size 1 or 2. She says that she weighs 135, which is a complete lie. My mom is 125 and a size 5. Plus my mom is a lot taller than Shaye too. The whole time she was here I felt like she was looking down on me, like she thought she was better than me because she weighed less. Well I've got news for her, I'm going to get to 135 for real and then I'll make her step on the scale beside me and see what she really weighs. I'm going to offer for her to borrow a pair of my pants and watch while she can't do up the top button. I feel like a really mean person and a bad friend right now but after all of the condescension I've dealt with it's only fair that I get to vent.


  1. Ugh... That's terrible. I dislike when people lie about it too. It's like: if you don't want others to know your real weight then there are plenty of polite ways to avoid it but to lie? That never ends well :p
    I'm sorry about her comments. I think I'd back slap my friend if she made a comment about my pants. Ah... maybe not. I'd probably just kick her out or sabotage her meals to make them extra fatty and sugary :p But I'm in an evil mood so don't listen to me, lol ^_^
    Hang in there darling! You'll get there and show her up then ;)

  2. Lol maybe take a page out of Emma's book...
    I have friends and family who lie to me like that, so I just lie right back to them. There is one particular girl who lives in the same apartment as me who doesn't shut up about how good she thinks she looks, and how many guys she can get to buy her drinks at a bar. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE would buy that whore a drink.
    I had a girl say that to me once- except the other way around. i asked if there was a pair of pants I could borrow because I forgot to bring some and she gave me one look and said I wouldn't fit in any of them. She was size 2 or 3.
    Sorry long comment...
    xoxo Good luck and I have faith in you!