Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ABC Day 2: 500 calories or less

Less again! I almost went over yesterday. Me and my younger brother had to go out at like 11:30 at night to pick up my youngest brother from his friend's house where he was working on a project. I had a gift card for the local coffee shop in my purse. I was craving a donut so badly. The whole way to pick up my brother I was like "can we stop can we stop can we stop! I want fooooood." But as soon as we were within a block of it my willpower came back and I turned to him calmly and said, "No matter how much I beg, no matter how hungry I say I am, even if I scratch at the window, do not stop, do not pull over no matter what." On the way past the donut shop on the way home I didn't even think about being hungry. It was great to have that kind of control. A week ago I would have made him pull over and would have bought one of everything. I have a language proficiency and grammar test to see if I can get accepted into one of the colleges that I applied to soon. I want to look good for it. I've been watching ANTM a lot lately and Tyra is always talking about how you have to look professional at all times. When the girls go out on a challenge, they have no idea what they're going to be doing, so they need to look great all the time. I want to look great at that test because who knows what kind of impact the way I look might make. I don't want the tester to think "wow she did great on the test but no one wants to hire a girl that looks all ratty like that." I'd rather do worse on the test and look great so they think, "she looks great, people would hire her, we should take the time to teach her."

1/2 bowl wonton soup (70)
the other half of the wonton soup (70)
2 slices toast (140), 1 tbsp peanut butter (80), 1 tbsp grape jelly (50)

Total: 410

I'm down exactly one pound from yesterday. I was 153.4 and now I'm 152.4 so that's decent progress. I started taking green tea extract pills and they're supposed to boost your metabolism so hopefully those help. I'm already taking B12 vitamins and those help to metabolise carbs apparently. I'm heading to work soon so that should burn a decent amount of calories. Cross your fingers that my new-found willpower holds up and I don't binge while I'm there.

Wish me luck in my weight loss journey and I wish all of you the best of luck!
Love Emma


  1. Thats awesome for your willpower! Yeah, I realized my willpower has been shit today. I hate way more than I intended and had about 250 cals worth of cookies. Bleh. Considering its almost 5 am, I'll most likely sleep a lot today so not a lot of eating. Good luck!! 152 is going great, remember it may be slow but you'll be less likely to gain it back.