Monday, January 07, 2013


So its been a few days and my weight is down. Nothing drastic. Not even out of the 150's. Tomorrow maybe. Hopefully. I've been taking some small steps towards getting a head start on my resolutions this year.

- weigh 115 pounds; well I'm not even close yet, but I'm closer than I was
- finish the black section of my cross-stitch; have done a bit to help pass time
- read 100 books; went to the library
- grow a vegetable and herb garden; got a flower pot
- clean my entire room; HA...okay I'll do some cleaning tonight
- get all A's; first class of the new semester was cancelled so I can't do much about that
- not be the fattest of my friends; twiggy friends ate greasy take-out, crackers, and candy, and I had a fibre one bar and lots of water
- learn another language; watched some anime if that counts

I need to do more. Obviously. Going to use my free weights more often and chatted with some friends about going to the gym. Nothing definite but it's a start.

I feel like all the weight that I gained this winter is in my chins. I want this chin. Note the difference between plural and singular. I need to get back to the one chin that I used to have. There's two right now. It's not a pretty sight. 

Love you all,

Friday, January 04, 2013


Time to get my but in gear. Last year I said I would be different. That I would be better. Then it wasn't different, and I wasn't better. So I'm saying again that it will be different, and that I will be better. Maybe this is the time I will actually follow through.

I rang in the new year stuffing my face with an entire box of donuts. I'm disgusted with how high my weight has gotten. I can see it on my face already. I was getting some definition of my jawline that I was really happy about. It's gone now. Filled in and replaced with the ever jiggling double chin that I thought I had said goodbye to for the last time. I have New Years resolutions. It's a list that I'll keep adding to and never finishing.

Some of my resolutions left over from last year are:
- weigh 115 pounds
- finish the black section of my cross-stitch
- read 100 books
- grow a vegetable and herb garden
- clean my entire room
- get all A's
- not be the fattest of my friends
- learn another language

The only resolution that I accomplished was to get a pet bunny rabbit. Just one resolution. That's crap.

This year I'm adding:
- save enough money so that when I leave this house I never have to come back
- be the thinnest of my friends
- do some kind of artwork
- finish one of the hundreds of books I tell myself I will write

Of course I'm open to any suggestions. I would love to hear your New Year's resolutions. And the one's from last year that you accomplished, or the ones you didn't. This is our year! This year we can do everything they tell us we can't.

Love you all, and sorry for the long absence.