Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One pound down

CW: 161.2
GW: 155
UGW: 115

Breakfast: white bread (79), 1 tbsp honey butter (60) = 139
Lunch: cucumber and avocado sushi (166) = 166
Dinner: pasta (221), 1 tbsp olive oil (40), garlic (4), sprinkle of paresan (11), 2 slices bread (158), butter (70) = 504
Snack: vanilla frozen yogurt (100)
Total intake today: 909 :'(

Today I'm down exactly one pound. Maybe if I had exercised more I could have gone down more, but right now I'm happy with this one pound. I'm now one pound closer to my first goal weight (and the shirt that comes with it), I'm one pound closer to my ultimate goal weight, most importantly I'm one pound closer to feeling comfortable in my own skin. I can't wait for the day when I can wake up in the morning and not feel sad when I look in the mirror. I'm going to be able to get dressed and feel good about the way I look. The day when I can finally walk out my front door without feeling like everyone is staring at me and judging me is the day when I can finally be free. That's the day when I'll become the phoenix. Not in a scary- Jean Gray destroy everyone who gets in your way and have to be killed by a really hot guy who loves you and happens to have metal claws coming out of his hands- kind of way. I'll be the phoenix in the graceful, sparkling mythical bird kind of way, rising from the ashes of a past life to become something new. So I'm very happy that I'm one step closer to that today.

Here's a quick shout out to all my followers, all four of you. Santana, LSNT, PrettyLies, and Emma. This is my first blog ever so four followers is a really big deal to me. Through reading your comments or blogs, or both, I've found that you're all beautiful and strong people and I'm so happy to have followers like you.
I thought I'd add this picture because the birds seem fitting.


  1. I'm so happy for you!! one pound is such a big deal, you're one step closer to the girl you want to be, stay strong and don't eat fatty food, only eat "save" food like fruits and greens :) if you want to binge.

  2. Thanks. I'm weirdly proud of that one pound. I hope to stay away from binging for as long as possible but I will definetly keep fruits and greens in mind in case I do binge. <3

  3. Woot! 1 pound down! Thank you so much for saying beautiful and strong! I don't feel particularly strong today considering I had pasta and a cupcake..oops. But I think I'll go to the gym and work some of it off. And I like the picture but part of me thinks it's fake..the legs aren't skinny enough to go with the flat tummy, and who would get a tattoo upside down...

    1. I was bad too, pasta and frozen yogurt. Sigh, time to go work out. True about the legs but I didn't even consider that the words were a tattoo, i thought the person doodled on their stoache lol. Either way oh well. Better pics tomorrow, I promise :)