Tuesday, January 24, 2012


CW: 159
GW: 155
UGW: 115

Breakfast: nothing (0) = 0
Lunch: idk
Dinner: idk
Snacks: idk

It has officially been one week since I created this blog, and with it one week since my birthday. I think the blog has made a bigger impact on my life than being a year older has. Ha ha.

Four pounds away from my first goal weight. I'm excited. I'm hoping to get to my second goal weight by Valentines Day. I don't plan on having a date for Valentines Day, I never do (more on that later closer to the day) but I want to look and feel better for myself. Other girls will be out with their boyfriends or dates stuffing their faces with chocolate and eating pasta at fancy restaurants. I will be at home running as fast as I can on my elliptical, burning off the calories I did not consume. Maybe Valentines Day will be my first ever fast. I've never done one before because I worry about screwing up my metabolism. If you guys have tips on how to safely fast let me know.

Today is going to be pretty boring, so I don't really have anything else interesting to say. All I'm really doing today is cleaning and probably coming up with a workout plan for the week. Hope the rest of you have more interesting days. Oh, the poll closed and I've put up a page of tips, hope its helpful.

Hi to the new follower frost_and_bones.

Love you all


  1. Hi love, I'd be interested in doing a liquid fast together on V-day if you want. I liquid fast rather than nothing-at-all-fast because I'm a busy student and I still need energy. At least water or juice if nothing else.

  2. sry abt the late comment. Congrats on the loss!!! U dnt rly screw up ur metabolism as long as u ease into eating after ur fast. like eat a piece of fruit, drink some soup or broth. nothing heavy. like a 300 intake the first day after ur fast and increase to 400 or 500 the next...it would also help to continue working out. as for during the fast i suggest drinking tea, vitamin water zero (so u get ur nutrients & dnt faint etc.) and water with a dash of lemon juice (0cals!) as well for lightheadedness. Here is a link 2 some info about fasting: http://www.allaboutfasting.com/safe-fasting-true-hunger.html Hope it all goes well! Stay safe & stay strong<3