Friday, January 20, 2012


My mom is trying to force feed me because apparently I look too pale. A little while back I  was too stressed to eat much so now she watches me like a hawk. She doesn't know that I'm not eating much by choice now. Anything I can do to stop her? Please. I've just started making some progress and I don't want that ruined in one night.


  1. Ok, first, all your progress is not going to be ruined in one night. Just cuz you eat a full meal isn't going to make you permanently gain back all the weight. Weight fluctuates, and even though we may hate to see it go up, it's just something that happens to everyone. You'll be okay, and if you're looking pale, maybe take a vitamin or eat more green things for iron. I know my mom was worried and thought I was anemic, but I just blame it on the vegetarian. Good luck hon <3

  2. It's not so much I'm worried I'll gain all the weight, I'm more worried I'll lose all self control again and eat everything in sight mindlessly. I should be more on top of taking my vitamins. Thanks :)

  3. Maybe you look pale because you're not choosing the right foods, becareful of what you're eating. In second place I think you spent too much time at home and you mom noticed that you're not aeting much so it would be better for you if you could start an activity that keep you away from your house.