Friday, January 27, 2012


CW: 158.0
GW: 155
UGW: 115

Today is better than yesterday was. My weight dropped by more than half a pound so I'm really happy about that. If I had exercised a bit more yesterday it might have gone down by a whole pound. Today I'll exercise lots though. My parents have some thing that they're doing and their friends will all be over so I'll be able to slip down into the basement and run like the wind on the eliptical. I'm going to eat a bit more today, but it's not a binge because it's planned. I'm going to have nachos, the baked kind, mmmm. Since I'm a vegetarian my mom is always worried that I don't get enough protein, and to be honest lately I've know that I haven't been. The nacho's will have a ton of vegetarian ground beef stuff on them, it's so good. Like 60 calories for 1/3 of a cup and like an insane amount of protein and iron and other vitamins.

I'm a tad bummed that I didn't get to my first goal weight by today. Three more pounds to go. I can make it by sunday maybe, wednesday at the latest. My mom wants to go shopping either this weekend or next weekend and I have a gift card from my birthday. More goal weight clothes! I always feel bad when I buy them and they're too small, but once I lose and they fit I feel terrific. Maybe I'll get some new shirts or a skirt or pants. Maybe even a new pair of glasses, I know you cant exactly buy glasses a size too small, but I can not let myself wear them until I get to a certain weight. Plus, glasses look a lot better on when you've got a more narrow face.

Love you guys,


  1. omg, i love that kind of glasses and I've been looking for them for so long! I think i'll have to buy them online :/, anyway they look better in a skinny face i guess, so i must lose some more weight first.
    by te way, i love blog like yours, so i wonder if we could follow each other...
    love, jay :)

    1. I found a pair of glasses like that in purple online and they actually reccomend them for people with thinner faces lol, I saw that and was like "challenge accepted"! I'll definetly follow your blog too.

  2. Hey ^^ I was just reading your blog
    my UGW is nearly the same! lol I hope you get there faster than I do. However,I did have the mom problem before but I just explain it to my mom in very mature way. She totally accepts it now. Especially if I want to fast ( only apple juice and apple for two days) she is totally supportive now.

    1. Same UGW! That's awesome, hopefully we both get there, and hopefully my mom can get to the point where she's as supportive as your mom.

  3. looks like you are doing amazing darling!
    hope you get to ur goal weight soon!
    and the vegetarian nachos sounds great!
    stay strong darling ;]

  4. Thanks so much, I hope I get there soon. The veg nachos are sooo good, fairly high in calories though, but they make a great protein packed treat every now and then :p

  5. Good job on losing :) You'll get to your goal weight soon.
    I've been debating on buying a smaller top for later but I'd feel bad. It's $14 but it's so cute and I don't want to miss out on getting it because of my weight. Maybe I'll just get it. What's the harm when I'm going to wear it anyway? lol
    Keep up the good work.