Thursday, March 01, 2012

Slowly but surely

Down another 0.2 pounds to 157.6 which isn't much but at least I'm still going and that's the important thing I think. A little bit might be muscle because my abs have been feeling sore and tight and my stomach is a little bit more flat than it was last week. I haven't been doing a lot of exercise exacly, but I have been doing a lot of dancing around while baking.

Today I'm making the 100 calorie cupcakes so I'll update later and let you all know if they're good or not.


Holy shit! I didn't think it was possible for them to taste that good. I checked every single ingredient that I used and they come to 110 exactly without icing or frosting, which is okay because surprisingly they're good enough to eat without it. If I find a low calorie frosting though my life will be complete. I'll add the recipe later tonight and post a pic. Just so you all know none of the pictures that I post with recipes were taken by me. I wish I could take decent pictures of food but whenever I try everything looks orange and yellow and green for some reason. Photography is not my strong suit. But I do scroll through many pictures online and find one that looks the most like whatever food is in the recipe, so rest assured if you make something it will look very similar to the picute if not the same.

Sidenote my calories for the day so far:
breakfast: oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar (200)
lunch: cucumber and avacado sushi (166), chocolate cupcake (110)
calories so far: 476

Wow that seems like a lot. Oh well. I'm trying not to limit my calorie intake too much because then it gets too difficult and I give up. For the time being I'm trying to stay below 1000 a day. It won't be too bad if I eat 1000 and I can still eat less if I want to. 


  1. OATMEAL WITH CINNAMON AND BROWN SUGAR. love it. (anything with cinnamon, really.) a delicious 110 calorie cupcake? i know how you feel. when i turned vegan i was all like, WHATNOCOOKIES D: but then i found this amazing vegan cookie recipe and i think i might have drooled on myself before i even ate it. AND THEN I ATE IT. IT WAS AWESOME.

    *cough* but yeah, i know how you feel :)

    tighter abs for the win. :) keep it up~

  2. 110 cupcakes? Count me in, hehe! I love me a good low cal dessert (born with a sweet tooth, ugh! lol).
    Hey, any loss is a good loss. Keep up the good work.