Monday, March 12, 2012

Still no measuring tape

CW: 156.4
GW: 155
UGW: 115

Breakfast: oatmeal (150), 1 tsp light brown sugar (15), pinch of cinnamon (1) = 166
Lunch: 15 sugar snap pea pods (21) = 21
Dinner: 2 slices white bread (), 1 tbsp peanut butter (), 2 tbsp raspberry jam () =
Snack: ?

I still don't have a measuring tape but I will be looking for one today. My mom thinks she knows where the box that has all of our sewing stuff is packed. If I find it I will update with measurements. I'm so glad that my weight went down a little bit. I really just want to get to 155 soon. My goal shirt has been hanging in my closet for so long and I want to wear it so badly. I have to go shopping soon because my work pants have gotten loose on me. I guess all the time I spend on my feet at work has toned my legs a bit more. They're starting to look a bit nicer in pants. I still wouldn't dream of wearing shorts because the backs of my legs is a cottage cheesy mess. My inner thighs aren't much better. I'll get there though. The main part of my body that I need to focus on right now is my arms because I have to wear a t-shirt to work. I always wear a sweater on top of my uniform (oh ps. I didn't get fired thank god) because I hate how my arms look. It's roasting hot in there in the mornings and I'm stuck in my sweater so I just look stupid.

I will now include in this blog updates of what I'm calling "The Rabbit Quest". That's right ladies I'm getting a pet bunny rabbit. The only problem is that my parents don't know yet. Back in the day my cousins had a rabbit and they never cleaned its cage so now they think that rabbit's all smell nasty. They don't seem to realise that with any pet they smell as dirty as you let them. If you clean your pets cage regularly and give them baths they'll smell fine. Our dog rolls in mud because she thinks that she's a pig (no joke she actually makes snorting noises when she wants table scraps) and she smells great because we give her baths all the time.

This will be me, when I have my rabbit and when I'm thin.

Love you all, Emma.

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