Sunday, March 04, 2012

Still the fat friend

I am unfortunately still the fat friend. I spent Friday night at my friend's house, I'll call her Grace. I went to her house right after work and I didn't know that I would be sleeping over until later. She called me when I was done work to ask me to sleep over and I was like "hell yah!" because getting to hang out with my friends is awesome because they're all in school and I'm not so they're never home. Without thinking I just rushed right over there and it was only later that I realised that I didn't have any pyjamas. There were a few different sleep pants that she pulled out as options for me. She's lost a bit of weight so she grabbed the ones that were too big for her and offered them to me. Of course even those ones were too small for me. Thank god I had forgotten a pair of sweat pants at her house a few months ago or I would have been so screwed. I hate being the fat friend so much. I'm so sick of it. Last summer I ditched hanging out with my friends so many times just because I didn't want to leave my house looking the way that I did in a pair of shorts. I can't do that again. I almost lost my friends because they misinterpreted my behaviour as bitchyness because I never wanted to do anything with them. Not this year. Not again.

So far eating well for breakfast has gone alright. All I ever eat for breakfast is oatmeal but that's okay because it's on sale 3 boxes/$5 and each box has 6 packages. That's like 27 cents a package. with the amount of cinnamon and brown sugar I put in it (which we buy in bulk) that's like 30 cents for breakfast. Sorry I'm obsessed with numbers and I get a bit obsessive sometimes. Needless to say I stocked up. Hopefully there's enough to last me until they come on sale again. Since I always eat the same thing for breakfast I think it's time to move onto focusing on lunch. I might just get into the habit of eating the same meal everyday for lunch like I did with breakfast, but so far that's okay because avocado and cucumber sushi seems to be my favourite lunch meal so far. What's not to like, the seaweed is good for your metabolism, full of great vitamins, and eating it is apparently good for your skin, the rice is good carbs that fill me up for a long time, the avocado is full of good fats and lots of potassium, and I have no clue what great vitamins I'm sure are in cucumber but I just love how fresh it tastes. Plus the wasabi has to be good for my metabolism, it's just sooo hot.

New system for blogging I think. Mondays I'll update stats in full detail, all measurements, goals for the week and reward for reaching my goal. Everyday I'll put my current weight, meals and calorie intake, exercise if I've done any, and how well I'm progressing towards my goal.  Tuesday will be thinspiration. Wednesday will be a full post about whatever ramblings have come to mind. Thursday will probably be more thinspiration. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I don't know yet. I don't know why but lately I've felt the need to plan everything out, which is probably good regarding my blog because if I don't plan then I'll skip posting for a few days and then dread posting again because...well I don't know but I don't like posting if I haven't for a while because it makes me feel weird.

Wow that was a really long ass post. Hopefully with the plan my posts wont be so rambly anymore. But then again tomorrow's Sunday so who knows? It could be worse.

Love you all, Emma

missinsanity: these cupcakes are vegan. cue the drool :) hopefully my abs in progress stop killing me soon, did some weird side bendy elbow to knee things the other day and ahhhhh the pain
Emma: thanks so much, hopefully the loss is a bit more significant this week but you're right

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  1. Oh man, I LOVE planning stuff, everything/anything. My life, my meals, my school, my blog, my hang-out time with friends, my time with my father, and yeah... the list goes on and on. Planning is so fun for me :)
    As for the fat friend problem... I know it all too well. I always, always, ALWAYS used to hate going to pool parties and beach gatherings because of all my stick-thin friends running about in swimsuits. Then they all filled out into lovely curves and decent tummies so even still I feel so thick and gross around them. I hate that feeling so much. So I'm right there with you, love. It sucks, and we are going to change it. When I turn 16, I'm going to have the most rocking body ever -unlike them when they were 16. Lol, okay, rant done.
    Oatmeal is amazingggggg, I have little strawberries in mine and cinnamon (just a tad) and it's so yummy. I should eat it more, but I'm not doing three meals a day at the moment.
    Anyway, before this comment becomes too too long I should probably end it here :) Have an amazing day and keep strong!