Tuesday, March 06, 2012

This is going well...

I lost my tape measure in the move, surprise surprise. I'm picking one up tomorrow on my way home from work. Today did not go well at all. My resolve to be organised about my measurements is what kept me going and when I lost that I lost all my resolve and ate everything. And I mean everything. I am in so much pain right now from the amount of food I ate. I should be furious with myself, I should be angry and hate myself. But I don't. Right now I don't feel much of anything. Aside from the food baby in my stomach kicking madly I am completely numb. On the plus side my mom picked up some Vitamin E today to hopefully fix the scars left over from last time I felt numb. She doesn't know what its for, she thinks my face is scaring from acne. That is completely ridiculous because the one schedule I do stick with is my face washing routine. But I guess parents want to look the other way. It's easier than facing what's staring them straight in the face. Whatever. Tuesday is thinspiration day and the thought of that cheers me up a bit. I know it's technically Tuesday already but I don't count it as the next day until I wake up after going to sleep or 5 am depending on which comes first.

Encouraging sidenote: I put on a shirt today that has never fit me properly, not even the day I stupidly bought it and tried it on after I got home and lost the receipt. It doesn't fit properly yet, the arms are still too snug for my liking, but it's a bit lose around the waist now and I don't have back bra rolls.

I'm off to wash my face. Love you all, Emma.

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  1. Well... I went a little nuts last night too >.<
    That IS encouraging :) I love when clothes fit better after losing even a few pounds. Stay strong :)