Monday, February 20, 2012


My parents got an old waffle maker from my grandma. Damn. I feel like a beached whale right now. I'm all fat and stuck on the sand, there's a nice tide trying to pull me back out to the ocean but it can't because I'm so big. If I wasn't such a massive whale it would be able to pull me back into the ocean, but I'm stuck. ...that was weird.

On a happier not I'm getting my exercise bike soon. I've been saving up my money for a while now and one of the stores in my area is having a sale on one, so I can get it for 98 dollars. Then I'm going to get one of those book holders for exercise equipment that's like 7 dollars on ebay and I'm all set. Gonna get in shape by reading and biking so that in the summer I can actually bike for real to the library instead of waiting around for someone to take me, cause I won't have the car in the summer, my brother works like all day every day.

Some old family friends stayed for a visit last night. Their daughter who's my age has been one of my closest friends since we were kids, but I don't get to see her very often because they live so far away. Anyways, she was here tonight and weighed about 98 pounds, was stick thin, and I sat there feeling like crap. Then I ate more because I felt sorry for myself. Why? Why on earth would I do that? What is wrong with me? Going grocery shopping tomorrow so I'll get lots of healthy foods and no junk food, my dad is going on his diet soon so hopefully he'll make sure theres less junk in the house too.

Hope you all had a great weekend
Love Emma

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  1. I totally get that. Two of my close friends: sticks; they're both actually underweight and tiny as hell! I'm so jealous of them.
    Then there are the rest of my friends: fat, over-weight pigs. Don't get me wrong, they're lovely, wonderful, nice people, but they obviously have no control and have really let themselves go....
    It's horrible.
    Anyway, I hope your dad does well and good luck to you!