Sunday, February 05, 2012

New Years

It's a little late to be writting my new years resolutions, but I'm going to do it anyways. If I write them online it makes them more real, and I feel like if you guys all know them I'll be more motivated to do them. This is a rough list, if any of you have any of your own resolutions that you want to share or have any suggestions for my list have at it. So here's my list, and instead of writing out a simple list I'm going to give a breif explanation of each because I'm difficult like that :p
  1. Weight Loss- that one's obvious, I wan't get to my UGW this year, and 130 at the most by summer
  2. Come up with more recipes- I love messing around in the kitchen and coming up with new recipes or improve on existing recipes to make them lower calorie
  3. Learn to play piano- pianists always have the most slender, graceful fingers, I used to play when I was younger but forgot so I want to get back into it
  4. Be more friendly- it's hard to be friendly and outgoing when you're an introvert like me so I'm going to try to change that a bit, whether it's with the friends I already have, new people I meet, or being more supportive to you lovely ladies
  5. Be a better person- I tend to be very selfish, it's not on purpose but I still don't like it, so I'll try to do at least one random act of kindness every day
  6. Stay committed to being healthy- this means taking my vitamins every day, not on the off chance that I remember, and exercising on a more regular basis
I plan on doing some sort of eating challenge, maybe the one with the point system, or the abc one or something. If anyone wants to do one of them with me let me know!

Hi to new follower Dainty. And to the rest of you, thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments and I love reading your blogs.

Love you ladies, stay strong

ps. I've got a facebook under the name Emma Phoenix now if you want to check it out, idk


  1. Gud luck hun! U'll definitely meet ur goals! I'd be up for the 10 day challenge again! Stay strong<3

    1. Thanks :) I have no idea which one the 10 day challenge is but I'll google it and we should definetly do it together.

  2. Good luck on all of your resolutions. I never made any, but i guess the UGW is an obvious one for me. Id be up for doing a challenge, been thinking of doing one for a while, but cant think of which one to do!

    Stay Strong and Think Thin

    -Love C xx

    1. Hopefully I do at least half of them, unlike last year :p

  3. You chose very positive new year's resolutions, hope you'll achieve all of them.

  4. i like your resolutions! they have such a promising outlook, best of luck with each of them! xx