Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It really sucks to be me right now. I would love to be someone with more willpower, someone who could say no to the bread soaked in butter, who could say no to the chocolate cake, no to deep fried evil, someone who could say yes to working out, and yes to feeling more confident, yes to being thin. Sadly I am not that person. I'm done trying. In honor of Star Wars coming out in 3D here's a Yoda quote, and it's going be my new motivation, "Do, or do not...there is no try." I haven't posted anything in a few days because I've been ashamed of myself and my weight gain. Too bad for me. Tomorrow morning I'm getting on the scale again and I'm going to post the number here for all of you to see. Heckling is encouraged, I think I really need that kick in the pants. No more slacking off, no more putting things off. Saturday my family is probably going to a buffet. I need self control by then. How long does it take to make or break a habit?

Stripes and poka dots thinspiration.

Proving that it's not the clothes that make you look fat, it's you that makes you look fat. Don't blame the stripes or poka dots, because on skinny girls they're beautiful.

Not so much on the bigger people.

Love you all and hope that you're doing better than I am,


  1. We all slip up, it's okay. You've got all my support.

    Stay strong,

  2. Unfortunately, it takes a lot to break a habit. You can'y just flip off a switch. We all have our fuck ups and stuff like that, but you learn to get past them. The buffet? Get a salad. I learn that when eating out, don't think of all the things you can or want to eat, think of what you should eat. Yeah, fried stuff might look good, but a salad or steamed vegetables are healthier.

    I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day and I'm sorry we didn't end up liquid fasting, but we'll do it another time. Maybe sunday? Love ya hon, stay strong, stay awesome.

    1. I don't even know if they have salads at chinese buffets but I'm really hoping they do now, thanks. Hope your V-day was good too. :) Wish I could do a liquid fast sunday but I've got a crazy long work shift and I don't want to push it. Another time though definetly!

  3. According to some experts, breaking or creating an habit takes 21 days aproximately.

    1. Thanks. Cutting out french fries for 21 days straight starting now! Hopefully after that saying no to them will just be habit.