Wednesday, September 05, 2012

1st day of school update

I got so lost on my first day. So I felt kind of stupid. I ended up wearing some size 7 dark skinny jeans from Walmart and a black long sleeved size medium shirt from there as well. I know, I know...Walmart. But the jeans were on sale and I don't want to buy anything too expensive until I've reached my goal weight. Plus the shirt is actually really nice. It has longer sleeves that come down all the way to my knuckles so it keeps my hands nice and warm, plus the neckline is really wide so it makes my collarbones look really good, well the bit of collarbone that you can see. And I wore some nice brown boots that are really nice, and I feel like such a rebel when I wear them. I spent like an hour doing my hair too. So I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I weighed in at 141.5 which is not where I wanted to be at all. But considering the food that I ate I guess that it's pretty good. I need to step it up at bit this year because there's some really thin girls in my classes. On the plus side some random guy started talking to me. I was in line for tea and he randomly started chatting me up. If I had looked the way I did last year I seriously doubt that would have happened. There's a paramedic program at my school and the guys are always walking around in their uniforms. Yum. Nothing starts your day off better than a cute guy in a uniform.

I'm almost at my next goal weight. Fingers crossed that I'll reach it soon.


Venus: that's a really good way to look at it, I guess I should be really proud of how far I've gotten because it's a lot farther that I was at this time last year. Rome was probably an ongoing process, like us lol


  1. Sounds like a lovely combination! I love black long sleeved anything, lol. And I'm always wearing boots.
    Mmm...That does sound tasty ;) Lol!
    Take care love <3

  2. Everyone always says Walmart sucks but if I find something I like there and the prices are fine, I don't really care either way. Sounds like a neat outfit. And OMG your weight!
    140 is that crossover point for me. Wasn't Marilyn Monroe that weight at some point? Everyone loved her. I am glad you are making so much progress there. I mean, your first goal weight in your list was 155. You have lost a whole 15 whopping pounds since then! Not an easy feat for everybody either. I am so proud of you!
    And lol on the remark to my comment. I am so pleased to see my name :)
    Incidentally, how much progress have you made since this time last year? I wouldn't remember that far back...
    Men in uniform lol. More jealousy here. The only men in uniform I get to see these days, are fast food uniforms which are far from appealing in any way.
    You are doing so well, so keep it up. Chin up, smile a little more!
    We can do this together!
    *Chuffed as chips*

  3. Commenting twice screws with my OCD but I realized I needed to rewrite something sort of. At the beginning of your blog, you started out at 162.2 pounds. I just looked. So you have actually lost about 20 pounds. THAT is something to be proud of. :)

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  4. Sounds like an awesome outfit ^_^

    o_O The fuck is with the comment before mine though?