Saturday, August 11, 2012

Still no new scale. My mom might be picking one up tonight though. That would be for the best. I can stop calorie counting and weighing myself for a few days before I go crazy, but I can't stop doing just one. I have this need to see how they impact each other. Ate 889 yesterday plus one small piece of fudge because I got my monthly visitor, and it was either the fudge or an entire bag of chips, so that was the lesser of two evils. So far today I'm at 580 calories, so just a light dinner and I should be good.

Update on the list of stuff to be done
Finished: bought my desk, found mom's credit card (it was under a pile of paint samples on my dresser), I paid my phone bill, I went to the library and paid my overdue fines, I went to the mailbox yesterday but I have to go everyday, same with walking the dog

Still to do: pay back loans from university, get college class scedual, college orientation, buy my bookshelf, pay mom back for desk, save for bookshelf, clean my room, clean my fishtank, get my fish a friend, I need to find more healthy low calorie recipes that are filling, I need to deposit my paycheck, I need to check the mailbox everyday, I need to walk my dog more often because she's getting fat, I need to get my skin clear, I need to get back to school supplies, and on and on and on...

So that's progress, but I'm sure the list of things to do has grown and I don't even know it yet. Hopefully I'll get some more things crossed off the list today and tomorrow so I can relax a little bit on monday.


Flawed  Design: sorry i wrote that as i was going to eat exactly that amount of calories every day, what i meant was if i eat about that many, just because thats how many i ate yesterday , idk i wrote that kind of messed up, my bad :p  I would love to be 138 in five weeks, hopefully it happens for both of us :) the list is probably going to multiply by tomorrow lol 


  1. Aw good luck getting all that done! What are you studying in college?

  2. hehe! OH RIGHT! heh! I was like DAMN that girls got stuff tightly plannnnnned! <3 xxx