Monday, August 13, 2012

Still no new scale, and it's driving me insane. I got my period and I'm completely off my rocker. I'm going back on the pill and it's really messing with my hormones and my head. My mom said I felt thinner when she hugged me. I doubt it. I bought a new shirt today. It's a large, it fits baggy, which is what I wanted. I would rather a medium fit me baggy but oh well, The xtra large was like a tent so thats good i guess. I read a book today and it made me feel really lonely. One of those fluffy bubblegum pink sparkly books where the boy and the girl live happily ever after. I want that. I want that so bad it hurts. I feel like I should start drawing again. I used to draw all the time when I was little but I stopped because no matter how good people told me I was I didn't believe them. Never could. If i do start to draw again I can't show anyone because no matter what they say, good or bad, i just cant handle it. its a piece of yourself when you draw and i dont want people to see that. well maybe all of you out there in bloggerland. the anonymity makes me feel safe i guess. I'm hormonal and want chocolate.


Vampire: Thanks, its a big list but I'm working on it. I'm going to study to be like a secretary type thing, idk its hard to explain


  1. Don't feel lonely. <3 You always have us! (Aka your faithful blog readers.)

  2. Oh darling :( Don't feel lonely <3 We are here and if you want to you will meet someone someday.
    I wish a medium fit me baggy too :p One day love <3
    Drawing? That's a wonderful hobby. You should definitely take it up again. You don't have to show anyone, just draw for you. When I write for me, I do my best writing ever.
    Ah... I just got off my period and I screwed a bunch of stuff up with my dumb hormones and crazy thinking. So you're not alone <3 I love chocolate... It's not even funny :p
    Please take care sweetie <3

  3. You should always do what you love, no matter what others say...
    Except if you like to put bombs into banks and such.... but you don't seem like the type.. xD
    Drawing is a lovely idea, Idk if you've seen it, but Venus is unbelievably talented...
    You should post your drawings hun, really..