Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm moving

I've missed blogging so much. Reading all of your blogs and having some of you read and comment on mine was really important to me and it was a stupid thing for me to cut that out. I was getting depressed because I tried to be more than I was ready for. This time is going to be different. My blog was supposed to be about me becoming a new person, not me wishing that I was thinner. It was supposed to be about so much more than that. I'll still be working on managing my weight, but I'll also be working on more aspects of my life. Check it out if you want in my new different blog.


  1. Well, I have noticed my own blog has turned into kind of a play by play of my life with the whole weight thing being more of a side thing. It really is soothing to rant about a bad day at work or home and then talk about any and all successes. Let it come naturally and just blog what you like, and when you feel up or down about weight issues, share by all means. Just do whatever makes you happy :)
    Love you! Missed you!

  2. Are you still staying at this url? <3

    My blog's getting a bit off-topic too... it's alright, happens to the best of us.