Wednesday, May 09, 2012

New month, new me

CW: 154.6
GW: 150
UGW: 115

My weight went up. Considering how badly I've been eating the past few months it could have been worse. Everyone is back from university now so I have to put in some face time with all of my friends soon. The time I had to lose weight is quickly dwindling down. I haven't lost nearly enough weight since I started this blog. I know I could have done a lot better. Reading other blogs I see the numbers drop quickly and it makes me so happy for the writers of those blogs, but it makes me hate myself for not being that strong. I'm back now, and hopefully I'm here to stay this time. If any of you out there see me slacking off feel free to kick my but.

I'm getting back into the plan of writing longer blogs on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, posting thinspiration on tuesdays and thursdays and weekends doing whichever on the weekends.

Today I'm hanging out with my friend Shaye. She's such a sweetie and she's been going through a tough time at home lately so I can't wait to have her over. We haven't gotten to talk very much lately. It's going to be nice to see her again. The only problem is that she's thinner than me. I'm still the largest in my group of friends. I need that to change. Does it make me a bad person that weight is my focus when I spend time with my friends?

In preparation for summer I've started to run on the elliptical again. I want to try to devote at least one hour every day for working out. I can only run for about eight minutes at a time right now and most of the work out hour is spent walking off burning muscles and breathing through burning lungs. Don't worry if this sounds like I'm working out in a bad way, I know what I'm doing, my body is just a lot weaker than it should be. It's getting stronger though. The first thing I want to get right is my legs, then my arms, then muffin top, then my tummy. Basically I want to work from my limbs into my tummy. I already got my chin fixed. It was a double chin for the longest time, but now I've lost a lot of weight in my face and my double chin is gone. I have a little bit of extra fat there when I look down, but as long as I keep my chin up it's not noticeable.

I'll post some thinspiration tomorrow.

Love you all, Emma


  1. Oh I hate when I put my chin down and then it ends up... But yeah. I have faith in you. Keep it up girl! You and I are actually within a few pounds of each other.
    Good Luck
    <3 Venus

    1. Thanks so much, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. Good luck to you too :)