Friday, May 11, 2012

Not even a day

CW: 154.6

No improvement since wednesday, but there is improvement since yesterday. I binged and ate an entire bag of barbeque chips by myself so my weight went up to 155.8 but now it's back down to what it was. When Shaye was over I saw how flat her stomach is, she swears that she's gained weight but thats a load of bull. She's all "oh I've gained so much weight and it's all right in my face and my stomach so it's sooo noticable"...Screw that. She says she's started to lose some of it (there's freaking nothing to lose) because she's started going for jogs. Fine then, I'm going to run harder, and faster, and longer until I'm half her size. Nothing makes my blood boil like a skinny person complaining that they think they're fat.

I didn't run yesterday so I'm going to run twice as long today to make up for it. Maybe three times as long to punish myself. I'm hoping to stay under 1000 calories today. Fridays are tough.

Love you all,

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