Monday, April 23, 2012

CW: 153.0-154.0 (it's been going back and forth between those two numbers for like a week now)
GW: 150
UGW: 115

Bought a new pair of jeans finally. Mine are getting really worn through. I've been wearing old ones from when I was in grade 10. I feel like jeans should last longer than this but I guess that's what I get for stretching them out so much with my fat. They finally fit like they used to, which is really nice. The new pair that I bought is a saize 9. I haven't bought size nine jeans in years. For a while they were all size 11, one size 12 that made me cry, and after that I just wore leggings all the time with oversized dresses because everything else was too depressing. I was in the store returning a shirt that was given to me as a gift and I grabbed the jeans on my way to the counter on a whim deciding that if I didn't like them then I could just return them later. When I got home and tried them on they fit like a glove. I didn't have any trouble pulling them up over my thighs, my but didn't bulge over the top, and the zipper closed without any snagging or haslte at all. I'm extatic, there's this feeling of triumph that I haven't had in a long time and self satisfaction. I'm worried though. I don't think that I can stay this happy for too long. I wan't more.

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