Monday, January 07, 2013


So its been a few days and my weight is down. Nothing drastic. Not even out of the 150's. Tomorrow maybe. Hopefully. I've been taking some small steps towards getting a head start on my resolutions this year.

- weigh 115 pounds; well I'm not even close yet, but I'm closer than I was
- finish the black section of my cross-stitch; have done a bit to help pass time
- read 100 books; went to the library
- grow a vegetable and herb garden; got a flower pot
- clean my entire room; HA...okay I'll do some cleaning tonight
- get all A's; first class of the new semester was cancelled so I can't do much about that
- not be the fattest of my friends; twiggy friends ate greasy take-out, crackers, and candy, and I had a fibre one bar and lots of water
- learn another language; watched some anime if that counts

I need to do more. Obviously. Going to use my free weights more often and chatted with some friends about going to the gym. Nothing definite but it's a start.

I feel like all the weight that I gained this winter is in my chins. I want this chin. Note the difference between plural and singular. I need to get back to the one chin that I used to have. There's two right now. It's not a pretty sight. 

Love you all,


  1. Ooo yay progress on New Years Resolutions! You're doing better than I am. XD

  2. That sounds like a good start on your resolutions! Keep it up, girl. I no longer make any resolutions myself, because I always fail at them and it only disappoints me. But fingers crossed for you!

    ~ Meg

  3. I've done nothing but gain weight so far in 2013. Good job!